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Etsy wants to make it easier to sell custom items on their mobile app, by easily identifying sellers who take requests for customizations and also allow those same sellers to easily take requests.

“As a child, I never found anything with my name on it.”


Out of 12 respondents from our survey, we interview 5 people, 3 were Etsy buyers and 2 were buyers and sellers. From there our team started to affinity map their inights and we discovered that

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Buyers love feeling in control of custom products, which have sentimental value. Plus they feel frustrated if the shipped product does not meet their expectations. Sellers want to protect their reputation and meet buyers’ expectations, but when custom orders go wrong, buyers and sellers lose time and money.

Primary Persona

primary persona

Olivia Brown, who recently moved to LA roughly 8 months ago for her new full-time position as a graphic designer. She has two boys, aged 4 and 7, and her husband travels frequently for his job as a restaurant consultant. She set up an online store to sell her ceramic pottery.

She’s experienced some miscommunication from buyers who didn’t clearly convey the customizations they wanted on the pottery. She enjoys having the supplemental income from Etsy but she doesn’t have a lot of time to manager her store. As she’s gotten more buyers, she’s been running into more issues that she doesn't have the time or resources to fix.

“I feel creatively fulfilled by my store, but I’m so stressed with managing it.”

Secondary Persona

secondary persona

Brooklynn Mahoney who is engaged to her college sweetheart and she’s planning her wedding - with the help of Pinterest, of course. She has two dogs, loves to run marathons and lives with her fiancee Felicia. The couple is planning to give away some epic wedding favors: Gold monogrammed mugs that feature an image of their dog. Their wedding will be hosted at a rustic farm outside of Atlanta.


Olivia and casual Etsy sellers are losing time and money on custom orders that don’t align with buyer expectations. How may we help them more accurately capture custom orders?

Design Studio

While doing 2 rounds of design Studio with my team, we came up essetial features for the APP, which are : “Customizable” products category, Help sellers create a “form” for buyers to fill out, Create “above the fold” cues about customization on each product listing page, and Checklist for sellers.

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“I like looking at sample photos to ensure
my customized products will look good.”
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Next Steps

Our next steps for this project would be to explore buyers’ desire to see example of their custom product during or after ordering process. Explore the sellers’ desire to export custom checklist. Continue iterating on “customization checklist” phrase and perhaps move it to different place on that screen. Also, to see if the changes work, we would need to put the prototype in front of actual Etsy sellers and tested.