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Having your own up to date medical history is a necessity for quality healthcare and accurate treatment. Individuals and families need a way to consolidate their medical history in a single location.

"I bring a hard copy of my medical records with me to the doctor,
but they never ask"


Out of 35 respondents from our survey, we interview 5 people between the ages of 18-34.
From there we got several takeaways:

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How might we aggregate an individual's personal medical history in a way that is safely stored, easily accessible by the patient, and effortlessly shared with professionals of the patient's choosing.

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"Maybe MY FORM - I’ll go to a doctor’s office and it will ping me
to fill out that form you always have to fill out"
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Next Steps

We need to teach the new users that our APP is safe to use. This can be accomplish by having concisely walk through security measures and explain cloud storage. Apart from that we also need to show users where they can find their past doctors to start off. Integrating our secondary, the doctors